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Get Adobe Flash Version Number from Multiple Computers

We recently received the following questions: “How can one tell if Adobe Flash is installed on numerous target computers? If it’s installed, what’s the best way to determine which version is on each target?” Today I’m going to demonstrate one possible way to get the desired information, but there are probably other equally viable methods, […]

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Explanation of ‘Get Pending Reboot Status’ Actions in BatchPatch

Windows does not offer/provide a sanctioned, singular way to determine with certainty if a computer is in need of a reboot. However, Windows does mark in several places in the OS values that can be used to infer that a reboot is required to complete certain operations. When using one of the ‘Get pending reboot […]

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Windows Update Options for Reboot Timing and Behavior

One of the questions that people sometimes ask us is can BatchPatch initiate the Windows Update download/installation on target computers *without* also triggering an immediate reboot of those computers? The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that controlling the behavior in BatchPatch is very straightforward and simple, but the behavior of BatchPatch isn’t […]

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What To Do When PsExec Is Blocked By Your Anti-Virus Software

If your anti-virus software has been configured to block PsExec through some type of execution policy, here are your options for getting it working again: Perhaps the most obvious method would be to modify the execution policy so that it no longer blocks PsExec. 🙂 Another option, if your AV software has such functionality, is […]

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Configure Each Host to Send a Separate Email Notification Upon Completion of Patching

I’ve previously written about configuring email notifications in BatchPatch. You can find those postings here and here. However, today I’d like to focus on an aspect of email notifications that I have not yet discussed in much detail. Today the focus is going to be on the situation where you need or want to have […]

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Using a Row Template to Automatically Apply Tasks to New Rows in a BatchPatch Grid

I think the ‘Row Template Configurator’ falls into the category of features that most people probably are not even aware of but would use if they knew it existed. This feature was published just a couple months ago. If you haven’t yet checked it out, now might be a good time to familiarize yourself with […]

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Moving BatchPatch Saved Job Queues, Deployments, Remote Commands, and Other Saved Items to a New Server

This is a simple topic that barely warrants a whole blog posting, but I wanted to put it out there so that people can find it more easily. When you want to share your saved configurations in BatchPatch with a different BatchPatch user at your organization, or when you want or need to move your […]

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Copy a File to All User Profile Directories on Target Computers

We recently received a request for help with using BatchPatch to copy a Microsoft Outlook signature file to the appropriate user profile directory on numerous target computers. BatchPatch already has a built-in function for copying files from the BatchPatch computer to a specified directory on target computers, but a problem arises when trying to copy […]

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Pushing Windows Updates to Remote Computers

BatchPatch provides multiple different options for applying Windows Updates to numerous target computers simultaneously. In all cases the process involves loading a list of computer names or IP addresses into a BatchPatch grid, selecting/highlighting the desired target computers in the grid, and then choosing an action from the BatchPatch Actions menu to execute on the […]

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Appending DNS Suffixes to the Network Interface Instead of to Each Host in the BatchPatch Grid

In BatchPatch most users enter each host name into the grid without using the entire fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or IP address. In general, for most situations entering just the host names will be sufficient. However, many users have more complex network environments, and sometimes it won’t be sufficient to enter just the unqualified […]

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