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BatchPatch – New Version Released in April 2020

At the end of last week we released a new version of BatchPatch. Today I’d like to go over some of the new features available, some of which we think are going to be popular with our users. For a complete list of of changes, click on ‘Help > Check for updates > View changelog‘ […]

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Using the Job Queue to Clear ‘All Messages’ Before Executing a New Action

Some of our users launch a fresh instance of BatchPatch each time they use it, and they start with a brand new grid (or a set of grids) each time. They load their hosts and then begin patching. However, some of our users prefer to re-use the same grid file (.bps) over and over and […]

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Preventing Particular Updates from Installing on Target Computers

Under normal circumstances BatchPatch is used to initiate the download and/or installation of updates on a group of target computers. So long as you have setup your environment to work with BatchPatch as far as permissions and firewall settings are concerned, then BatchPatch can, if desired, be used without altering your existing Windows Update settings. […]

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