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How to Convert HRESULT Decimal (DEC) Values to Hexadecimal (HEX)

How to convert HRESULT decimal values to hexadecimal In the Windows operating system, when an exception is generated it is delivered with an HRESULT value. The HRESULT value is essentially a “reason code” that describes the underlying cause of the exception. In BatchPatch the HRESULT values are generally included in the text of any error, […]

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Clarifying the Confusion Surrounding Optional Updates for “Seekers”

Beginning with Windows 10 and Windows 2019 build 1809, Microsoft began pre-releasing some updates in advance of their formal release date. This has created a fair amount of confusion both for our users as well as for Windows users around the globe, so today I wanted to take a few minutes to try to clarify […]

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Remote .MSI (or .MSU / .MSP) Package Deployment to Multiple Target Computers

If you have a .MSI package that you need to deploy to numerous computers, it’s very easy to accomplish this with BatchPatch. The great thing is that not only does it only take a moment to create the deployment, when you are ready to execute the process you can do it for as many target […]

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Windows Update: Error 1611/1620: -1073741502. Failure

A BatchPatch user recently reported a new error that we had never encountered before. It comes in two flavors, depending on whether the action was executed with integrated security or alternate logon credentials: Windows Update: Error 1611: -1073741502. Failure Windows Update: Error 1620: -1073741502. Failure You may also see something like this screenshot, likely with […]

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Applying Windows Security Updates to Air-Gapped Systems

BatchPatch provides two basic methods for applying updates to so-called “air-gapped” systems that are isolated from the rest of the world. Patching systems in isolated networks has always been both a challenge and a pain because you can’t simply follow your normal/typical procedures to get updates applied to these systems. Air-gapped systems virtually always have […]

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Single-Click Update Plus Reboot of All Virtual Machine Guests and the VM Host They Reside On

It seems that everyone always wants to automate everything these days. Sometimes it almost feels like sysadmins think that their credibility hinges on their ability to automate something. However, in reality I think there are times when more automation makes sense, but there are also times where automating something isn’t the best idea or isn’t […]

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The Best Windows Patching Software

When it comes to patching and updating the Windows operating system in a business environment, there are a lot of options to choose from. Regardless of whether you have a smaller business with fewer computers to manage or larger business with hundreds or thousands of machines, you still need a good solution to help keep […]

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Using BatchPatch to Deploy Software to Multiple Remote Computers

In addition to being a great tool for initiating Windows update processes on remote computers, BatchPatch can also simplify the task of deploying / installing third-party software on numerous target computers. The process is generally very simple with three basic steps: Identify the silent / quiet parameter for the installer package that you plan to […]

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Remotely Installing Windows Feature Update Version 1903 (the ‘May 2019 Update’)

To install Windows 10 feature update 1903 (as well as the other Windows 10 feature updates) remotely using BatchPatch, you should follow the process outlined below. The standard, built-in Windows update actions in BatchPatch will not work to install these feature updates. Also note FYI even though these are “feature updates” they are actually technically […]

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An Alternate Way to Deploy a Registry Value to Remote Computers

In the past I demonstrated how to use BatchPatch to deploy registry changes to multiple remote computers. For your reference those tutorials are available at the following links: Remote Registry Updates with BatchPatch Deploy Registry Keys to Multiple Computers Using BatchPatch Deploying a Registry Key / Value to HKEY_CURRENT_USER (HKCU) or All Users in HKEY_USERS […]

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