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Get the ‘Location’ Property of a Computer Object in Active Directory

Recently someone asked us how he could import the ‘Location’ property value on computer objects from Active Directory for a group of computers in a BatchPatch grid. BatchPatch enables you to run a script and view the output of the script, which is how we’ll accomplish this task. And while there is more than one […]

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Modifying the Scope of Windows Firewall Rules to Allow Connections Only From Selected IP Addresses

When configuring BatchPatch to work in your environment, you might have to modify your Windows Firewall rules on target computers to enable BatchPatch to work properly. As explained in this posting, BatchPatch will require inbound allowances on all target computer firewalls for File and Printer Sharing and Windows Management Instrumentation in order for BatchPatch to […]

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Remotely Deploying Windows Feature Update Version 21H2 to Numerous Computers

Standard Deployment Method for Windows Feature Update 21H2 (and other feature updates/upgrades) in BatchPatch Unless you are using a version of BatchPatch that was released prior to April 2020, you can usually deploy/install feature updates like 21H2 with the normal Windows Update actions in BatchPatch under ‘Actions > Windows updates‘. However, Microsoft continues to make […]

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BatchPatch New Version Released February 2022

We published a new build last week. Aside from a number of bug fixes and miscellaneous enhancements, the key features that we added to this build are: Row filter: We know a lot of people have wanted this for a long time, so hopefully you’ll all get some good use out of it. In previous […]

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Overview for Remotely Deploying Software and Specifying Default Settings

Today I’m not going to perform a specific deployment. Instead I want to provide a conceptual overview for new users who ask us “How do I remotely install software on multiple computers and configure that software to have specific default settings for the end user?” Similarly, “How do I remotely install software to multiple computers […]

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Don’t Forget the Middle-Click Scroll-Wheel Button on your Mouse!

Sometimes I am reminded that we always have some users who aren’t aware of the middle-click functionality in BatchPatch. This is a bit sad because it’s probably the most clicked button by the rest of us who use BatchPatch on a regular basis. Soooooooooooo… this is just a reminder to everyone that almost every cell […]

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Deploy Microsoft Edge to Multiple Computers

The process for deploying Microsoft Edge with BatchPatch to numerous computers, simultaneously, is essentially the same as with any standard deployment. In this case we will download the Edge .MSI installer, and then create a BatchPatch deployment, and then execute it against our target computers. The process is illustrated step by step below. Download the […]

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Remote Windows Update and Reboot for Multiple Computers

In BatchPatch you can trigger the Windows Update and reboot process on numerous computers all at the same time. Select the desired target computers in the grid, and then click on ‘Actions > Windows updates > Download and install updates + reboot if required‘ If you want this to occur automatically every month at a […]

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Advanced Multi-Row Queue Sequence – Staggering Updates and Reboots in a Group of Computers

One of the most common uses of the BatchPatch ‘Advanced Multi-Row Queue Sequence‘ functionality is to stagger the updates and reboots in a group of computers so that only a single computer or a subset of computers in the group will perform their updates and reboots at any given time. That is, administrators often need […]

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Excluding Specific Dates or Date Ranges from Recurring Scheduled Tasks

We recently received a question from a user who has scheduled tasks configured in BatchPatch to run with recurrence set to ‘Monthly (2nd Tuesday) + 4 days‘. He asked how he can effectively exclude the entire month of December so that none of the recurring scheduled tasks run in December. Now, of course if you […]

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