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Incorporating Custom Scripts in BatchPatch – Get Local Administrators Group Membership

Let’s have a look at how to incorporate a custom script into BatchPatch. In this case we’ll use BatchPatch to run a script that will retrieve the list of users who are members of the local administrators group on each target computer, and then optionally write it all to a text file. If you would […]

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Remotely Uninstalling Windows Updates

Let’s face it… even though we all wish Microsoft’s quality assurance and testing was better, it really seems to have gotten worse in recent years… significantly worse. There are a few primary ways that systems administrators can reduce the likelihood of encountering problems after installing Windows updates each month. First, have a testing lab setup […]

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Using the Job Queue to Execute an Ordered List of Actions on Target Computers

One of the most commonly used features in BatchPatch is the Job Queue. The Job Queue enables you to execute a series of actions, sequentially, on target hosts. Just about any action that BatchPatch can perform through manual execution can also be added to a job queue. One of the most common reasons people use […]

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Notify Users of Upcoming Reboot or other Patching Activity

When a systems administrator is performing a maintenance operation on end-user computers, one of the things that can really help significantly is being able to notify any currently logged-on users of any impending actions that are about to occur. Even if it’s a late-night or early-morning maintenance window, you never really know who might actually […]

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Automatically Trigger an Email Notification for an Entire Grid Only After All Targets’ Actions Have Completed

There are different ways to utilize email notifications in BatchPatch. For example this link illustrates how to schedule email notifications or include them inside job queues. Additionally we have a couple of other tutorials on email notifications here and here. Today I would like to address a particular scenario for triggering email notifications that some […]

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A Utility to Schedule Windows Updates on Numerous Computers

When we first created BatchPatch it was intended to be used primarily as a real-time utility, where an administrator could initiate the download and installation process for Windows Updates on many target computers at the same time, while also being able to monitor the progress of each action on every computer all the way through […]

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Deploying Windows Feature Update Version 1909 (the ‘November 2019 Update’) to Numerous Remote Computers Simultaneously

To remotely apply Windows 10 feature update 1909 (as well as the other Windows 10 feature updates) to numerous computers using BatchPatch, you should follow the process outlined below. The built-in, default Windows update features in BatchPatch will not work to successfully deploy these feature updates in most cases, so instead you’ll need to follow […]

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Using BatchPatch in Non-Domain Environments with Standalone or Workgroup Computers

One of the questions we are asked regularly is can BatchPatch work on computers that are *not* domain members? How does one go about making that happen? The answer is yes, in addition to working in a domain environment BatchPatch will also work on computers that are not members of a domain but rather are […]

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Running the Disk Cleanup Tool (cleanmgr.exe) Remotely on Multiple Computers

We recently received a question about how to successfully run the Windows Disk Cleanup Tool remotely using BatchPatch. The user noted that when running cleanmgr.exe in BatchPatch on a target computer, the cleanmgr.exe would stay running indefinitely. This is essentially the same problem that we discuss in numerous places on this website when it comes […]

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Explanation of ‘Reattach Orphaned Windows Update Process’ Feature

There is a menu item in BatchPatch under ‘Actions > Windows updates > Reattach orphaned Windows Update process‘ that contains the following sub-menu-items: Reattach orphan + do not reboot / shutdown Reattach orphan + reboot if required Reattach orphan + reboot always Reattach orphan + shutdown What is ‘Reattach orphan’ ? The ‘Reattach orphan’ actions […]

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