Here’s what just a few of our customers have to say about BatchPatch:

“Hi there. I just wanted to tell you how ridiculously happy I am with this amazing product. In about a week, it has not only paid for itself 5 times over just in time saved visiting every workstation I manage, but also made it possible for me to make great strides in an agency-wide all-sites backups project that has been floundering for years from lack of a tool such as BatchPatch.”

IT Coordinator
Martinez, California, USA

“I used to use vbscript and Windows scheduled tasks to prepare my environment for patching and that wasted 1-2 hours of my day. That whole process is so much faster and easier with BP. It takes just a few mouse clicks and 5 minutes to setup 4-5 separate patching runs. I love the real-time feedback I get with BP. I know exactly when a system has finished installation, when it reboots, when it comes back up and when it is safe to initiate another scan. All of the other built-in tools and functionality are very useful too, especially the remote script execution feature. I used that recently to push out a newer version of antivirus software to approximately 50 servers and it worked flawlessly.

If I had one comment to make about BP it would be that it is one of the most useful, cost-effective tools that a server administrator will ever find.

Systems Engineer
Danville, Pennsylvania, USA
Using BatchPatch to patch ~2300 servers

“We use BatchPatch to patch, force restart and test our servers every month.  I have a very short window to get this work complete so it was great to have more control over the native WSUS way of doing things.”

Systems Administration Manager
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
Using BatchPatch to patch ~200 servers

“BatchPatch has become an essential tool during our Information Systems maintenance nights. The ability to download and install updates for all of our servers at once has saved us countless hours and simplified the process of managing our server infrastructure.”

Information Systems Analyst
Victoria, BC, Canada
Using BatchPatch to patch ~70 servers

“I use BatchPatch on a daily basis for various tasks ranging from Windows Updates to simple restarts. It has assisted me very much in making sure all of my machines are updated and patched correctly. The ability to watch update progress in itself is very handy. With BatchPatch, I do not need to rely on the end user to make sure they install updates. I can do it all from the comfort of my office or home. Now I have machines updated within hours, not days.”

Systems Administrator
Malvern, Arkansas, USA
Using BatchPatch to patch ~650 workstations

“BatchPatch lets me complete tasks that would have ordinarily been impossible.”

Systems Administrator
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Using BatchPatch to patch ~800 workstations

“First I would like to thank you for developing such a simple and easy to use tool that has made my tasks easier to complete. I and my colleagues use it to update windows from WSUS and reboot servers. It saves us time, and now I don’t have to login to servers to install updates.”

Global Server Lead
Morristown , New Jersey , USA
Using BatchPatch to patch ~50 servers

“I thought I would pass my gratitude and thanks for your application you have built. We have been looking for a solution to manage Windows Updates on a wide range of customer servers (all within their own separate networks, all with different configurations), and none of the enterprise products we tried did what we needed them to do. Your application installed, and just worked. Very little we had to do, and within a few moments I was scheduling updates, and using the additional functionality to fix previous attempts at updating!

As people always say, ‘Keep it Simple’ and that is exactly what you have done.”

Manager of Infrastructure and Security
London, England

“I would say this tool is one of the best values in software on the market for the time it saves.”

VP, Information Technologies