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Deploying .MSI Installer Packages to Multiple Remote Computers

If the software or update that you want to deploy to computers on your network is formatted as a .MSI file, here is how to use BatchPatch to deploy it to any number of computers at one time. Add the desired target computers to the BatchPatch grid. BatchPatch provides numerous ways to add hosts to […]

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Inform Users Before Applying Updates and Rebooting

BatchPatch has a feature ‘Send message to logged-on users’ that enables the administrator to quickly and easily produce a pop-up message on the interactive desktop of target computers, so that a logged-on user will see the message. The message text is completely customizable, and the message can even be set to go away after X […]

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Quickly Confirming There Is Enough Disk Space On Remote Computers Before Patching

For those of you who already use BatchPatch, you’ve probably experimented with the built-in options it has for checking the disk space on remote computers. These options are pretty straightforward, and I will go over them in a moment. However, what I’d also like to address is the question of not just how do you […]

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