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Windows Update Management Tools

When it comes to performing Windows updates on an entire network of computers, there are a number of things that frequently need to be addressed, depending on the size of the environment, the number of actual target systems, the service-level agreements in place, the length and frequency of the maintenance windows, and so on. When […]

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Deploying Windows Updates and Third Party Software Updates Quickly and Easily to Numerous Computers

OK, so you have a lot of computers on your network, and you need a way to quickly install Windows Updates and/or 3rd party software updates on all computers without having to connect to each computer individually to initiate and monitor the install. BatchPatch to the rescue! If you haven’t already done so, I would […]

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UAC Behavior with Remote WMI Connections in Non-Domain (Workgroup) Environments

When you are working in a network environment without a domain– that is to say there are no domain controllers and no member servers because all computers are simply part of a workgroup, authentication can be a challenge when trying to perform operations remotely. Generally speaking, if you have a network with enough computers where […]

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