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Configuring Ping Status Alerts in BatchPatch

You probably didn’t know that you can use BatchPatch to notify you when a host goes offline or comes online. BatchPatch can be configured to only produce an audible alert, or it can be configured to send an email alert (or both). Maybe you want to deploy software to a particular computer that isn’t currently […]

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Windows Update Installation Filters

When installing Windows Updates, you have a number of options to select from in order to determine where the updates are retrieved from and which updates are downloaded and installed. Let’s take a moment to go through everything. Start by taking a look at the Windows Update settings screen under Tools > Settings > Windows […]

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Using Alternate Logon Credentials in BatchPatch

You have a few different options for initiating actions on target computers with the account that you have set aside for administrative actions. Most actions in BatchPatch must be executed with an account that has local administrator permissions on the target computer. However, in some cases a BatchPatch administrator might not be logged on to […]

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