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Using the Job Queue to Execute an Ordered List of Actions on Target Computers

One of the most commonly used features in BatchPatch is the Job Queue. The Job Queue enables you to execute a series of actions, sequentially, on target hosts. Just about any action that BatchPatch can perform through manual execution can also be added to a job queue. One of the most common reasons people use […]

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Notify Users of Upcoming Reboot or other Patching Activity

When a systems administrator is performing a maintenance operation on end-user computers, one of the things that can really help significantly is being able to notify any currently logged-on users of any impending actions that are about to occur. Even if it’s a late-night or early-morning maintenance window, you never really know who might actually […]

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Offline Windows Patching for Isolated or Air-Gapped Networks

Applying Windows security updates to a network that is isolated from or completely air-gapped from the primary network can be a challenge and a pain. At the very least it means that you, the sysadmin, have to devise a patching plan for multiple networks. However, it also means that you need a way to figure […]

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