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BatchPatch – New Release 2020-09-25

We published a new build at the end of last week. Here are the highlights: Search for Updates with Filters Applied – Menu and Job Queue Items: We added the following Windows Update action menu items: *Check for available updates (with filters applied) *Generate consolidated report of available updates (with filters applied) *Retrieve consolidated url […]

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Verifying the Authenticity and Integrity of BatchPatch.exe

Sometimes we are asked why we don’t have a listing of file hashes next to the download link on our website. We definitely understand why it’s important for users to verify the integrity of a file that they download from us. We don’t want you to use a file that has been modified or tampered […]

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Deploying .msi, .msu, and .msp Files Remotely to Numerous Computers

You can use BatchPatch to deploy virtually any type of file or package to target computers. As Windows systems administrators, we commonly have to work with .msi and .msu files, and occasionally we need to deal .msp files too. If you have a .msi, .msu, or .msp file that you need to install on numerous […]

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Error retrieving service instance data: The maximum message size quota for incoming messages has been exceeded.

Today I’d like to discuss an uncommon error that can occur when trying to launch selected .bps files that are active in the BatchPatch service instance. First, if you’re not sure what the BatchPatch service instance is, you might not be running BatchPatch as a service. This error can and will only occur when a […]

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Reset Windows Update with a Single BatchPatch Remote Command

We recently received a request to integrate the following into BatchPatch, so that with a single click a user could perform the following actions on numerous target computers: Stop the Windows Update service by running the following command: NET STOP WUAUSERV Rename the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution.old Start the Windows Update service by running the […]

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Windows Patch Management Software

The Ultimate Windows Update Tool BatchPatch is the “Ultimate Windows Update Tool” for a reason. It’s inexpensive, it’s very easy and intuitive to use, and it “just works” when it comes to updating Windows. It can be used to apply standard Windows Updates in addition to managing patch deployments and software updates for third-party applications. […]

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Applying Windows Updates to a Large Group of Computers En Masse

Many environments will be ready to use BatchPatch without any special or additional configuration required, but some might require a few tweaks in order for everything to work properly. If it’s the first time you’ve used BatchPatch, check out the ‘Getting Started‘ guide to learn how to configure your computers and network for BatchPatch. Once […]

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Deploying a Registry Key / Value to HKEY_CURRENT_USER (HKCU) – Part 2

Last year I posted this tutorial about how you can deploy a registry key/value to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER (HKCU) registry hive of target computers. Following those instructions will enable you to place a registry key/value into the registry hive of all users who have logged on to the target computers. However, what if you want to […]

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Deploying Windows 10 Feature Update Version 2004 (the ‘May 2020 Update’) to Numerous Remote Computers Simultaneously

Beginning with the April 2020 release of BatchPatch, all Windows 10 feature updates/upgrades can be applied using the standard/normal Windows Update actions in BatchPatch (‘Actions > Windows updates > Download and install updates‘ or ‘Actions > Windows updates > Install downloaded updates‘). However, please note that for that to work, BatchPatch must be running in […]

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BatchPatch Remote Command Execution Options

BatchPatch has a number of commands and actions that are built-in and come with the software… Windows update commands, reboot and shutdown commands, wake on LAN, commands to get information from target computers about disk space usage, uptime, logged-on users, file version information, registry values, commands to review/modify services and processes, and a lot more. […]

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