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Explanation of ‘Reattach Orphaned Windows Update Process’ Feature

There is a menu item in BatchPatch under ‘Actions > Windows updates > Reattach orphaned Windows Update process‘ that contains the following sub-menu-items: Reattach orphan + do not reboot / shutdown Reattach orphan + reboot if required Reattach orphan + reboot always Reattach orphan + shutdown What is ‘Reattach orphan’ ? The ‘Reattach orphan’ actions […]

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October 2019 Version of BatchPatch Released

We released a new version of BatchPatch at the end of last week. Below I’ll explain some of the updates that we made. Added Task Scheduler option to ‘Add/subtract days/hours/minutes to/from next scheduled run time‘ We’ve had a lot of requests from users who want to more easily be able to modify existing scheduled task […]

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BatchPatch Host Status “LED” Indicator Image Icons

GREEN: online BLUE: online after reboot (BatchPatch does its best to determine if a host was rebooted by counting the number of ping timeouts that are tracked immediately before a ping success. You can modify this setting in ‘Tools > Settings > Ping Failure Threshold‘) ORANGE: host doesn’t exist / not found RED: host offline […]

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