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Can BatchPatch Be Used to Install Windows Updates through SCCM?

One of the questions we occasionally receive from SCCM users is can BatchPatch install/apply the Windows Updates that are currently being presented to a computer through SCCM? BatchPatch and SCCM? There are a couple things that you need to know… Windows Updates that are being offered to a computer to a computer through SCCM are […]

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Remotely Deploying Windows Feature Update Version 21H1 to Numerous Computers

Standard Deployment of Windows Feature Update 21H1 (and other feature updates/upgrades) with BatchPatch in Default/NON-Cached Mode Generally speaking, if you are using the April 2020 or newer release of BatchPatch, you can install Windows feature updates with the normal ‘Windows Update’ actions in BatchPatch, when running the application in standard, non-cached, mode. To do so, […]

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