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Removing Windows Updates Remotely from Windows 10 and 2016

In BatchPatch we have a menu item ‘Actions > Windows updates > Uninstall individual update’ that you can use to easily remove a single Windows update from numerous target computers, simultaneously. This command invokes wusa.exe on target computers to uninstall the desired update. We have a tutorial posted for this feature here. The only problem […]

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Install Patches with Multiple Automated Reboots

Today I want to take a few minutes to go over one of the core automation options that BatchPatch provides for Windows Updates. Anyone who has ever been responsible for applying Windows Updates across a network of computers has encountered the rather annoying and often frustrating situation where installing updates and then rebooting target computers […]

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Daisy Chaining Multiple Patch and Reboot Steps for Windows Update

BatchPatch provides the IT administrator with a significant amount of flexibility when it comes to stringing together multiple update and reboot steps for a single computer or for numerous remote computers. You are not only limited to Windows Updates. You can also include third party software deployments and/or third party software updates along with your […]

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