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Troubleshooting Common Errors in BatchPatch

When BatchPatch was designed one of the fundamental tenets was to keep it as simple as possible while also being extremely functional and effective. It was and still is very important to us to make sure that BatchPatch is easy and intuitive to use. That said, as much as we’d like for there to never […]

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Using ‘Offline Mode’ to Install Windows Updates on Computers That Do Not Have Internet Access or WSUS Access – Video Tutorial

This video demonstrates the process for installing Windows Updates to an entire network of computers when that network is completely segregated with no internet access and no WSUS access. Note, there are multiple ways to utilize ‘offline mode’ and this video demonstrates only one method. All methods are described in more detail, with tutorials, here: […]

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Importing Notes or MAC Addresses into BatchPatch

Generally speaking there usually isn’t a need to import MAC addresses into BatchPatch because you can use Actions > Get Information > Get MAC address to retrieve the MAC addresses for hosts that are in the grid. However, there are still times where you might need or want to import MAC addresses. For example, maybe […]

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