BatchPatch Stuck Searching for Available Updates on a Windows 8.1 or 2012R2 Target

This isn’t really a BatchPatch problem per se, but it’s come up a couple of times in the past handful of months, so I want to take a moment to discuss it here today.

The issue is that when you have a Windows 8.1 or 2012R2 target computer, the search for available updates seems to go on forever. It may never return, or it may return many hours later and not find any updates (or it may also possibly find updates).

If you’re having this problem it’s likely due to an issue with the Windows Update client for those operating systems that was resolved in KB3138615

To resolve the issue, download the update directly from Microsoft, and then install it on your Windows 8.1 or 2012R2 target host.

You can either manually install the update by double-clicking the Windows8.1-KB3138615-x86.msu on the target computer’s desktop, or if you want to push the update from BatchPatch to one or more target computers, you can do that as well by following the instructions at this link: Deploying .msi, .msu, and .msp Files Remotely to Numerous Computers

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