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Create a Consolidated Report of Available Updates for Numerous Computers

Some administrators might need a singular, consolidated report that lists all Windows Updates that are needed by computers in the organization. It would be nice if creating such a report didn’t require any manual work on the part of the administrator. The good news is that with BatchPatch you can create a consolidated report like […]

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How to Remotely Initiate Windows Update on Numerous Computers Simultaneously

One of BatchPatch’s core features is the ability to remotely initiate the Windows Update search/download/install process on target computers. Not only does it allow you to execute this process on many computers at the same time, but it even lets you monitor the process in real-time so that you can see how far along each […]

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Copying files or folders to numerous computers using BatchPatch

BatchPatch provides the administrator with the ability to easily copy files and/or folders to numerous computers, simultaneously. If you simply need to push a file to target computers or you need to replace a file that already exists on target computers, here’s how to do it: Select the target hosts that you want to copy […]

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