Uninstall Skype Remotely

We are going to uninstall Skype remotely in almost exactly the same way that we installed Skype remotely.

  1. Obtain the .msi installer package from http://www.skype.com/go/getskype-msi.
  2. In BatchPatch select ‘Actions > Deploy > Create/modify deployment.’ Then choose the deployment options just like my screenshot below. Notice that I have selected the path to the .msi installer, and then I have checked the ‘uninstall’ radio button along with the ‘norestart’ option.
    2016-01-07 13_52_11-Deploy .msi .msp .msu .exe .reg .vbs .bat .cmd .ps1 etc
  3. Next, we can simply choose ‘Execute now’ to uninstall Skype from the hosts that are currently selected in the BatchPatch grid. Click OK to confirm the deployment.
    2016-01-07 14_09_01-new 1 - BatchPatch X3
  4. The remote uninstallation has completed. Exit Code: 0 (SUCCESS), indicates that we are done and the uninstallation was successful.
    2016-01-07 14_12_09-new 1 - BatchPatch X3
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