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Deploying Windows Defender Antivirus Definition Updates to Offline Computers

If you need to push Microsoft Windows Defender definition updates to offline computers, here’s how to do it: Download the version of the Microsoft security intelligence file that is appropriate for your target computers’ operating systems. On the following page Microsoft has links to all of the various flavors that this file comes in. At […]

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BatchPatch Windows update: Error 1601

There are two primary flavors of error 1601: Windows Update: Error 1601: Failed to retrieve WMI info. Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED)) “Access is denied” means that you have a permissions problem. Please follow the steps outlined on the following page to rectify the issue: BatchPatch Authentication In Domains And Non Domain […]

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BatchPatch Custom Script Integration – Wait for Service to be Running Before Proceeding to Next Step in Job Queue

In the current version of BatchPatch there is not a built-in job queue method to wait for a particular service to be running on the target host before proceeding to the next step in the queue. However, it’s possible to still accomplish this by integrating a custom script. In a future version we will likely […]

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Recommended Group Policy Settings for BatchPatch Standalone Usage with No WSUS

One of the questions that arises for some users who are using BatchPatch without a WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) server, is how should Group Policy be configured for target computers? The main detail here to consider is that if your computers are not setup to get their updates from a WSUS server then there […]

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Creating Custom Email Notifications for the Job Queue

In the most recent release of BatchPatch we added a new form for custom email notifications so that instead of having a singular email notification as the only option for any time an email notification is sent in the application, you can now create as many custom email templates as you want, which enables you […]

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Retrieving Logon Information from Active Directory Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) and inserting it into the BatchPatch Grid

In the July 2022 version of BatchPatch we added integration for Microsoft’s Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS), so now you can easily highlight a group of target computers in your BatchPatch grid and then retrieve the LAPS password stored in Active Directory for each of the selected hosts/rows. The rows will then be automatically populated […]

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New Version of BatchPatch Released July 2022

This week we released a new version of BatchPatch. Along with miscellaneous fixes and enhancements, the primary features/functionality we added are: Custom email notifications that can be saved and added to job queues or scheduled tasks. Now you can have different email notification settings for different purposes. So, for example, if you need to have […]

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‘Access is denied’ in BatchPatch After Installing the June 2022 Cumulative Windows Update

The problem: After installing the June 2022 cumulative Windows Update (2022-06 Cumulative Update for Windows) OR any future cumulative update that is released from this point forward, if the previous patch level of the system was some date prior to June 2022, and the newly installed patch level is June 2022 or newer, you might […]

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Remotely Deploying Monthly Windows Updates to Multiple Computers

BatchPatch can do quite a few things, but at the core of the software is the functionality for managing Windows Updates on numerous computers without having to install any permanent remote agents, and with only minimal setup and configuration. In many environments BatchPatch will just work right out of the box, without any configuration. In […]

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Get the ‘Location’ Property of a Computer Object in Active Directory

Recently someone asked us how he could import the ‘Location’ property value on computer objects from Active Directory for a group of computers in a BatchPatch grid. BatchPatch enables you to run a script and view the output of the script, which is how we’ll accomplish this task. And while there is more than one […]

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