Remotely Deploy Windows Updates to Multiple Computers

BatchPatch provides an easy way for you to apply Windows Updates to numerous target computers, simultaneously. The BatchPatch interface is about as intuitive and straight-forward as it gets. The process to remotely install Windows Updates involves just a few simple steps.

  1. Load a list of computer names or IP addresses into a BatchPatch grid. You can either manually type your list (or use copy/paste) into the Grid > Add hosts window, or you can drag/drop a text list onto the BatchPatch window, or you can use File > Import to import your text file list, or you can import host names directly from your Active Directory with Grid > Add hosts from directory
  2. Highlight the hosts in the grid that you want to act on, then select the desired action to execute. Highlight/select the hosts in the grid that you want to include. Then either right-click on the selected/highlighted area or use the Actions menu to execute the desired action. In this case we’ll execute Actions > Windows updates > Download and install updates + reboot if required
  3. Click OK to proceed with execution.
  4. That’s all there is to it! If you are looking for instructions for updating offline computers, please see here. For a list of some of the many other features that BatchPatch offers, please see here.
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