BatchPatch Host Status “LED” Indicator Image Icons

GREEN: online

BLUE: online after reboot (BatchPatch does its best to determine if a host was rebooted by counting the number of ping timeouts that are tracked immediately before a ping success. You can modify this setting in ‘Tools > Settings > Ping Failure Threshold‘)

ORANGE: host doesn’t exist / not found

RED: host offline / ping timed out / destination unreachable

YELLOW: BatchPatch is actively checking to see if the host is online

GRAY: no information

LIGHT PINK-GRAY: disabled from host status check thread

Host Status LED Image Usage / Behavior:

There are 2 ways that the orb icons are colored:

  1. The Host Status Check thread can be set to run in the background all the time. You simply left-click on the LED column header. You can also set it to run automatically if you want, in ‘Tools > Settings > Automatically start host status check on startup‘. However, it is not necessary to have it running all the time, unless that is your preference. See number 2.
  2. When an individual host is pinged (or when it’s rebooted and automatically pinged) by BatchPatch, BatchPatch will set the orb icon color based on the same criteria listed above. Personally, I prefer to leave the host status check disabled at all times so that the orb icon coloring is always controlled by each individual row, rather than by the Host Status Check thread, which runs independently of each row, and operates globally.


  • The Host Status Check thread can be disabled by clicking on the orb icon column header. It can also be disabled from starting up when BatchPatch starts by unchecking the Tools > Settings > Automatically start host online/offline status check on startup.
  • You can reset all the colors by middle-clicking on the orb icon column header.
  • You can color an orb blue, manually, by shift-middle clicking an orb icon. This is handy sometimes when you want to indicate a status of ‘completed’ for a given row, so that you know not to go back to it.
  • You can disable an individual row from the Host Status Check thread so that it will be skipped every time the check thread comes around to it, by middle-clicking the orb icon for a given row. You’ll see that the color becomes a light gray-pink.
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