BatchPatch – New Features – 2014-02-13

Hey folks! – We published a new build earlier today, and I would like to take a moment to share with you some of the new features.

Read remote event log entries

It’s now super-easy and convenient to use BatchPatch to help diagnose problems on your computers. We’ve added direct support to query the Windows event log on remote computers. This feature should come in very handy.
Select Actions > Get Information > Get event log entries

Read remote registry keys directly

Using BatchPatch to query remote registry keys has been possible for a long time. However, in this most recent release we’ve added direct support for this functionality to make it easier for you to utilize.
Select Actions > Get Information > Get reg key/value

Send custom messages to the logged-on users of your computers

It’s now very simple to notify logged-on users of any actions you are about to perform, especially if those actions will cause them to be booted off 🙂
Select Actions > Send message to logged-on users

Optionally append DNS suffix to host names when importing hosts from Active Directory

If you prefer to import host names including the FQDN, this is now just a check-box away.

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