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BatchPatch Hardware Requirements and Recommendations

We have never previously posted any specific information about the type of hardware required to run BatchPatch because the reality is that BatchPatch should run fine on almost any modern Windows computer. We have run it without issue on systems with very limited hardware capabilities, but there are still a handful of things worth considering […]

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Creating a Recurring Scheduled Task in BatchPatch

Today I’m going to talk about the Task Scheduler, recurrence, and the alternative options available to BatchPatch users needing to create tasks that execute more than just one time. Let’s start with the standard recurrence options available in the Task Scheduler options. Scheduled Tasks with Standard Recurrence (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) To create a standard recurring […]

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Deploying Windows Feature Upgrades Remotely to Multiple Computers

The ‘feature upgrades’ to Windows 10 (1607, 1703, 1709 etc) cannot be installed with the normal Windows Update actions in BatchPatch. Instead we have to use an alternate method to get these updates on to target computers. Below I’ll demonstrate how that’s accomplished. Use the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to obtain the ISO installation […]

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Advanced Multi-Row Queue Sequence – Contingent Operations with Custom Scripts

Today the goal is to tie together some concepts that I’ve written about in the past in order to demonstrate how you can use the Advanced Multi-Row Queue Sequence to execute certain actions on some hosts with a contingency that something must be true on another host before the additional hosts begin operations. The Plan […]

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BatchPatch Custom Script Integration – Install Windows Updates Only After Stopping a Specified Service

Today we’re going to look at another example of how you can integrate a custom script into BatchPatch to create an effect that you could not accomplish with the built-in actions alone. The Goal Using a combination of the Job Queue, a Deployment, and a custom script, instruct the target computer(s) to only install Windows […]

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Presenting Data from a BatchPatch Grid for Consumption Outside of BatchPatch

One of the questions we get sometimes is how best to get data out of a BatchPatch grid, usually to present to someone who is not a BatchPatch user. For the most part when IT admins are using BatchPatch there is little need to present information to anyone else. The goal is typically to just […]

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Remotely Uninstalling Third-Party Applications from Multiple Computers

If all applications could be removed/uninstalled with the same exact command, then it would never be a challenge, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Different applications will inevitably require different methods or commands for uninstallation. In most cases there is a lot of similarity from application to application, which makes it pretty simply to determine […]

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Remotely Deploying the Patch to Fix Intel’s ‘Meltdown’ CPU Security Flaw

As you have probably already seen in the tech news this week, all Intel CPUs have a newly discovered flaw being called ‘Meltdown‘. More information is available here. Currently the only way to address this hardware flaw is by applying an update to the operating system. If you will be using BatchPatch to distribute the […]

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Remote Control Patch Management Software

BatchPatch is one of the most cost effective and easiest to use patch management solutions available today. Below I will discuss the core features available: Remote Windows Update Patch Management With or Without WSUS BatchPatch provides you with the ability to apply Windows updates to numerous computers on-demand and simultaneously. Regardless of whether or not […]

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Download All Windows Security Updates to Distribute to Remote Computers

BatchPatch has a number of ways that it can work to apply Windows Updates to computers that do not have internet access or access to a WSUS. You can read more about those options here. However, today I am going to focus on how you can pre-download all Windows security updates at once in order […]

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